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Enjoy a Trip to France in your Motorhome this Autumn

France has long been popular with ‘Brits’ as a holiday destination and due to its size (double the size of Britain) there is lots to explore making France the perfect holiday getaway this Autumn. With such a diverse range of countryside from the Alps, to the Loire Valley, to the chic South of France and to the sweeping beaches of the Atlantic Coast there is somewhere to suit everyone.

Here are our top five French destinations for this Autumn:-

  1. September and October are the months when the grapes are harvested in the winemaking regions of France and there are many harvest celebrations, wine fairs and markets. The third Thursday of November is Beaujolais Nouveau Day when the arrival of the week old Beaujolais is celebrated in many festivals across the region. A motorhome is perfect for touring these regions to join in the festivities.
  2. Visiting Paris could not be easier than with a motorhome, as there are campsites close to the city centre, (one is just a five minutes  bus ride from the Arc de Triomphe) and all the other attractions this beautiful, romantic city has to offer.
  3. For those who like visiting spectacular gardens and fairy-tale Chateau, The Loire Valley is the perfect region to tour. Chenonceau, Blois and Chambord are some of the well-known one but there are many others just as picturesque.
  4. Normandy and Picardy are the places to tour if you are interested in the history of the First World War. There are the war cemeteries and graves around the Battle of the Somme in Picardy and major First World War memorials at Thiepval, Beaumont Hamel and Albert.
  5. If you love the sea and good food then the coastline of Brittany with its creeks, big rough headlands and pretty little fishing villages is a perfect place to head for in your motorhome.

One of the reasons why France is popular for touring in a motorhome is because it offers a vast network of Aires de Service, specific motorhome stopovers which are either free to use or have only a small charge  (typically between €5 and €8 for 24 hours). Most provide essential facilities for emptying waste water and cassette toilets, filling up with fresh water and dumping rubbish. These Aires can be found in thousands of towns and cities across France, many with stunning locations and spectacular views on riversides, lakesides, in mountains or parks.

Amber Motorhomes have a fantastic range of 2, 4, and 6 berth vehicles that are fully insured and expertly serviced - prefect for anyone heading to France. Get in touch to find the perfect one for you and your needs.

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Hire a Motorhome for Festival Season!

If you love live music, then going to a festival can be a fantastic experience. However, many people are put off going to festivals, particularly in the UK, because of the unpredictable weather and because they hate the idea of camping in a damp tent. For these reasons more and more people are choosing to rent motorhomes and campervans fitted with all the mod cons.

The advantages of hiring a motorhome or campervan

  • Creature comforts

English festivals are renowned for their sloppy mud and rainy weather and while it can all be part of the fun during the day many of us like to get clean and dry at the end of the day.

All our campervans and motorhomes have a loo and shower. Plus you will be warm and dry

  • A warm dry bed

At the end of a long day partying what could be better than rolling into a warm dry comfy bed whilst still being part of the festival atmosphere?

All our campervans provide amazing luxury and some can accommodate up to 6 people. So a whole family can sleep in comfort. No more aching backs from sleeping on lumpy floor mats!

  • Keeping the costs of refreshments under control

 Festival food is not great and often vastly over-priced. Also the queues for drinks and food can be very long.

All of our campervans have a fridge and freezer, plus a microwave and gas hob making it easy to rustle up a tasty meal cheaply.

Hiring a motorhome from Amber Motorhomes couldn’t be simpler; we have a fantastic range of 2, 4, and 6 berth vehicles that are fully insured and expertly serviced - prefect for anyone heading to a festival this summer.

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Reasons to Choose a Motorhome Holiday this Summer

More and more people are ditching their holiday abroad this summer in favour of a trip in the UK for a variety of reasons:-

  1. Expense - holidaying abroad has become more expensive because of the current financial situation in the UK. The value of the pound is at an all-time low against the Euro and US dollar.
  2. Travel- journeys through UK airports are becoming more stressful and tedious due to increased luggage restrictions and tight security checks.

But what about the weather - well this year we have already had one prolonged heatwave and more good weather is expected.

So what are the advantages of holidaying in this country:-

  • Fabulous beaches and spectacular scenery. The UK has a very diverse range of landscapes. There are stunning mountains and lakes, wild moors, tranquil wet lands, wide expanses of unspoilt beaches and many picturesque villages.
  • Wonderfully fresh home grown food and produce
  • The family pet can join you for  a holiday too
  • Opportunities to discover new areas in the UK. We live in a beautiful country with many places of historical and cultural interest.

A motorhome or campervan is the perfect way to explore the UK.

Amber Motorhomes are specialists in providing a 1st Class motorhome hire service to our customers. We're completely dedicated to our clients from the initial enquiry, right through to when the vehicle is returned at the end of your holiday.

We offer free parking for one vehicle per hire, which means you can bring your luggage with you to avoid delaying your holiday longer than necessary and include as standard many extras that other campervan hire companies make an additional charge for.

All our vehicles are less than 2 years old and our fleet includes a wide range of campervan and motorhomes with 2, 4 and 6 berths.

We will help you choose the correct layout to suit your needs to ensure you have a fantastic holiday!

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Top Tips for Your First Motorhome Adventure

Many more people are getting into motorhome caravanning to enjoy the freedom of the great outdoor life. If you are considering hiring a motorhome this summer or have just bought your own motorhome and planning your first trip away, Amber Motorhomes have put together some tips, so you can relax and enjoy your time away in your motorhome.

  • Do the research - make sure the vehicle you are hiring or buying is suited to your needs. Also check that the campsites you want to use have all the facilities you require. It is a good idea to use the campsite loos, showers and washing up facilities to save on collecting water and emptying waste from the van.
  • Know your vehicle -it is important to know the height of the motorhome, to avoid problems with low bridges or when entering car parks and petrol stations which have height restrictions. Also when driving down narrow country lanes it is useful to know the width of your vehicle. Knowing the maximum payload of your vehicle will also help you avoid overloading the vehicle. An overloaded vehicle is dangerous, as it will handle very differently.
  • Be organised- space is at a premium so don't take unnecessary items but do ensure you have clothes to cover all types of weather and a few small games like jigsaws, cards and board games to play when it is wet.
  • Before setting off- check the tyre pressure, as tyre blow outs are a major cause of traffic accidents involving motorhome.
  • When driving your vehicle - take your time, stick to the speed limit and use your mirrors frequently. You will be driving a vehicle that is most probably bigger than you are used to.  If your motorhome is heavier than 3500kg and you passed your driving test after 1st January 1997 you must take a C1 test to legally drive your motorhome. Ensure everyone is using their seatbelt at all times.
  • Insurance and security-  as with any vehicle, check you have appropriate insurance cover for your motorhome and when you go off for the day ensure all windows and doors are locked.

If you are holidaying in motorhome for the first time and have any tips why not share them via the Amber Motorhomes Facebook page